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Responsive Web Design

For anyone looking to learn basic processes and gain technical knowledge in responsive web design, this course will cover web design processes, tools, and workflow. Throughout the course, you will work on a project to help gain a basic understanding of the design fundamentals and applications, while beginning to build a portfolio of work focused on digital skills.


LOCATION | Melbourne

DURATION | 6 weeks, one night per week


COST | $990 (incl GST)

Course overview

Week 1  - Intro
Course Overview |  Web standards and best practices | Project Overview

Week 2 - Wireframes & Workflow
Wireframe Techniques | Technical Skills | Digital Workflows

Week 3 - Standards & Principles
Web Standards | Adaptive vs Responsive | Style Tiles

Week 4 - Pixel Perfect
Pattern Design

Week 5 - UX & Interactions
UX Fundamentals | UI Patterns | Interaction Design

Week 6 - Presentations
Present Project | Feedback | Next Steps


Enrolments are currently not open. Register your interest and we'll let you know when the next intake becomes available.