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The Journey program

Written in consultation with senior industry practitioners, this is a twelve week full-time intensive program specifically focussed on helping students learn about the design industry from a business perspective.


What's in a name

The program title has its roots in the medieval trade guilds. A ‘journeyman’ or woman is a skilled worker who has successfully completed a qualification in a trade or craft. Journeymen earn their licenses through education, supervised experience and examination and are considered competent and authorised to work in their field as a fully qualified employee. The original journeymen were paid each day - the word ‘journey’ coming from the French word journée meaning ‘a day’. Each individual guild usually recognises three ranks of workers; apprentices, journeymen and masters. As a qualified tradesman, a journeyman can become a master and run their own business although most usually continue to work as employees.

What the journey involves

Working with a range of senior industry creatives, the program requires you to come up with an idea for a socially responsible business and to actually have the business up and running. This means that by the time the program ends you’ll have:

  • Established what the business is/does
  • Created its brand identity
  • Written key copy and communication material
  • Set up the website, ecomms etc
  • Organised the business assets (eg. applied for an ABN, researched intellectual property etc
  • Your idea open for business

It’s up to you whether or not you’d like to continue to build the business at the end of the program. For many students it may just be an amazing portfolio piece that’s been developed in consultation with some of the best industry creatives.

Skills you’ll develop along the way

The program builds on your existing skills and knowledge by giving you the insights and experience needed to help you develop your creative skills in a business environment.

You’ll not only be designing and building a business from scratch, you’ll also be building on the skills you already have…things like:

  • Concept development
  • Brand development
  • Information design
  • Strategic planning
  • User experience research and design
  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile app and interaction design
  • Working with type
  • Time management
  • Presenting your ideas and work

On top of this, you’ll be spending your time studying with like minded people, learning from industry experts as you really get to understand:

  • The role design plays in business
  • The business of design
  • The nuts and bolts

How to apply

We are busy writing the curriculum, consulting with industry and getting everything ready! Register your interest and we'll keep you updated as we finalise the curriculum and applications become availble.