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We have a variety of short and not-so-short courses where you can learn new skills to help you grow and develop as a designer.

Our short courses are designed for people who are working and yet seek the challenge of learning new skills and getting hands on experience with real projects – all while meeting new people and having a good time.

We also run the Journey Program which is designed for new design graduates, to teach them all the real-life, industry-essential skills that you just can't learn at university.


Short courses

8 weeks. One night per week. One project. Short and sweet.

UX Research
Learn the basic skills and principles of user experience research methods and data analysis processes while gaining practical insights into current industry practices.

UX Design
Learn about UX process and techniques, ideation, wireframing and user testing and get industry insights into what’s useful and what’s not.

Responsive Web Design
Learn basic processes and gain technical knowledge in responsive web design processes, tools, and workflow.


The Journey Program

We hear from a lot of industry people that although there are always graduates with good design skills, it’s much harder to find graduates or junior designers who have a good understanding of design as a business.

Intended for those who have just graduated or who may have been working for a year or two, the Journey Program is designed to help address this issue.

Written in consultation with senior industry practitioners, this is a twelve week full-time intensive program specifically focussed on helping students learn about the design industry from a business perspective.