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Design conference (DesignEd Futures)

The inaugural “DesignEd Futures” conference creates a unique and important opportunity for design educators and design practitioners to reframe (communication) design education in Australia. 


By bringing together tertiary and high school design teachers and the design industry, the DesignEd Futures initiative establishes a forum where shared ideas and strategies begin to challenge the future of design education.

DesignEd Futures acknowledges that creativity and the strategies behind design thinking are in rapidly increasing demand from an ever broadening spectrum of businesses and organisations. It also embraces the idea that design graduates will have a number of careers, many of which haven’t been invented yet.

The initiative is intended to be a resource (channel) for educators which, in partnership with the design industry, helps them building stronger graduates as they prepare for, and enter into, the industry.

In order to make sure the outcomes from this summit are delivered and that a culture of continuous improvement is strongly supported, it’s planned to make DesignEd Futures an annual event.

Conference dates

Sydney | August 2019 (TBC)

Melbourne | (TBC)

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