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We’re currently working on putting together a number of events.
These include:
• Designer dinners
• Design education industry conference
• Launching our new graduate course, the Journey program
• Launching our newsletter in the next couple of weeks

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like more information about any of the projects we’re working on.



Welcome to industryfish. And welcome to our mission...which is to create an environment that’s committed to building a culture of strong, dynamic and effective design education in Australia. We aim to do this by bringing together tertiary and high school design teachers, design students, design graduates and the design industry. Building a community which brings these four groups together and which allows each group to engage with and learn from others will help ensure we give design students the best opportunity to be the best design graduates.

“Bringing together tertiary and high school design teachers, design students, design graduates and the design industry”
“bringing together tertiary and high school design teachers, design students, design graduates and the design industry”

Our name

The inspiration for our name comes from the word “if” and the the optimism and excitement wrapped up with the idea associated with “imagine the possibilities if...” The “i” gives us the word “industry”. This provides us with our platform because (the design) industry is where we come from, it’s who we serve and it’s the world our design graduates become part of. The “f” gives us the word fish because as we all know, if you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day, but if you teach someone to fish, you feed them for life.

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Design.Ed is a resource for the design community, including students and anyone interested in design. It’s inspiration comes from those who see a world full of possibilities and ask “imagine if?”

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Our courses

If you’d like to broaden your knowledge and skills, then a short course is your short and sweet solution. Written and delivered by senior and successful industry practitioners, they’re hands-on and project based. They’re also informal, which means you can choose to do the homework if you want to complete a project or if you’d prefer, you can just sit back, listen and engage with the class - that’s fine too. It’s the learning that matters, not performance.

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Designer dinners

How often have we experienced the benefits of something working out, not because of something we knew but because of someone we knew?

Our designer dinners are a tried and tested way to keep building on this experience by meeting other like-minded people in a relaxed, informal setting. With dining numbers usually around ten people, the evenings also often have a guest speaker. The dinners occasionally have a theme but they're always a great opportunity to make new friends, catch up with old friends and just as importantly, enjoy a well deserved night out!

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Design education conference

The inaugural “DesignEd Futures” conference creates a unique and important opportunity for design educators and design practitioners to reframe (communication) design education in Australia.

By bringing together tertiary and high school design teachers and the design industry, the DesignEd Futures initiative establishes a forum where shared ideas and strategies begin to challenge the future of design education.

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